DirectLink Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Services

DirectLink Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Service DirectLink Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Service

Directlink Auto has trained and experienced technicians with the knowledge necessary to diagnose and repair your air conditioning system. We offer our services for all model cars and light trucks. We are also one of a few service centers that can work with newer systems. If you think your air conditioning requires maintenance, bring it to our shop ...

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DirectLink Auto Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services

DirectLink Auto Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services DirectLink Auto Battery Maintenance and Replacement Services

Your car battery provides the energy to start your vehicle, stabilizes the voltage, and keeps your engine running. Every time you use the car battery, it loses its charge, and the alternator helps recharge it. If your vehicle has trouble starting, your battery is the most likely culprit. If your battery is low or the cable connection is loose, your...

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Benefits of DirectLink Auto Oil Change, Lube & Filter Service

DirectLink Auto Oil Change, Lube & Filter Service Photo by: Markus Spiske - Unsplash

Why should I change my oil regularly?Performing regular oil changes is necessary to help ensure your vehicle runs smoothly. By replacing the old oil when it is low in saturation, you essentially remove the build-up that causes an engine to overheat and fail. Changing your oil helps your engine run better and is especially important for older vehicl...

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Why Smart Car Repair is the Way to Go?

black-and-yellow-smart-car-on- Photo by:

 Smart car repairs are changing the way customers have vehicles serviced at auto body shops. The acronym S-M-A-R-T stands for Small, Medium Area Repair Technique. This revolutionary car repair technique is saving customers' money by repairing only damaged areas of a vehicle. There is no longer a need to repair an entire vehicle surface for a s...

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Caring for Your Antique Car’s Interior

anna-kelley-p3fehkllt4q-unspla-antique_car Photo by: Anna Kelley

The truth about antique cars is that they can be a little more temperamental than present-day cars. After all, the cars that most people drive around in every day can mostly trace their ancestry back to some of the classics that survive to this day. The changes that have been made to those old cars have made the cars of today what they are, so it s...

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Who Should Have a Roadside Assistance Plan

erik-mclean-ioEjMWHn2nY-unsplash Photo by: Erik Mclean

 With more drivers than ever on road, roadside assistance plans are becoming even more popular. There are many reasons why roadside assistance is an essential part of owning a vehicle. If you spend a lot of time driving a car, the chances of having a car problem drastically increases. Although your car may appear to be in good condition, you d...

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Check Engine Light Nightmares - How To Avoid Auto Mechanics Scams

how-to-avoid-auto-mechanics-scams-x Photo by: Dominik Leiner

Going nuts every time a check engine light goes on, is nothing new. Everyone's busy and cannot possibly have enough time to go check your car or truck whenever this happens, so you take it with good will to your "loyal" mechanic and he checks it over and a famous one-liner that you've heard before utters his lips, you know, something like, "Good th...

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Scheduled Maintenance Service

aidan-feddersen-ovggdsr-uhy-scheduled-maintenance-service Photo by: Aidan Feddersen

Regular Vehicle Maintenance like 30,000-60,000-90,000 mile service is essential to comply with the vehicle's warranty, but also for good vehicle health well after the warranty has expired Did you know?​Manufacturers require scheduled maintenance to maintain your warranty?Your scheduled maintenance does not need to be performed by a dealer?Our techn...

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