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Directlink Auto has trained and experienced technicians with the knowledge necessary to diagnose, service, and repair your air conditioning system. We offer our services for all model cars and light trucks. We are also one of a few service centers that can work with newer systems. If you think your air conditioning requires maintenance, bring it to our shop for a free AC check-up.

All vehicles refrigerant must be drained and recharged to remove the moisture with a vacuum. As a result, the refrigerant fuel will be brought back to the correct level and add a dye to detect future leaks.

High-pressure refrigerants maintain the air conditioning systems in today's cars and trucks. If there is too little refrigerant in the system, the pressure reduction prevents the components from fulfilling their tasks.

Things to look for:
Air takes a long time to cool down.
The air conditioner compressor turns on and off frequently.
The air conditioner compressor is noisy.
Belts are noisy.
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